As a highly motivated and ambitious fifth-year medical student, I have been striving for academic excellence, as evidenced by my receipt of the Dean's Award for Excellence in Studying. I have also taken on various leadership roles, both within academic and faith-based communities.

I am proud to have founded and currently serve as the President of the University of Split Radiology Society, where I have been able to bring together like-minded individuals to explore and advance their passions within the field of radiology. In addition, I have taken on the role of leader in an international Bible study group at my university, fostering a supportive community for spiritual growth.

Furthermore, I am an active member of the leadership team of the International Church "Coastline", where I am able to leverage my strong organizational and interpersonal skills to make a meaningful impact.

With my diverse experiences and skills, I am eager to continue making a positive impact in both my academic and personal pursuits.

E-mail address: n.mussmaecher@web.de